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Our team consists of experienced medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers from the healthcare sector. In 2016 the vision for a European diagnostic imaging operator network lead to the founding of RAD-x. The goal is to realise synergy effects on an international level and to achieve sustainable value creation for the shareholders of RAD-x.

Our target to offer the best possible diagnostics anywhere, anytime, makes RAD-x one of the most successful practice operators in Europe. This is evidenced by the high level of acceptance among suppliers, health insurance companies and medical associations and has turned RAD-x into a quality leader in radiology and nuclear medicine.

Our culture is characterised by openness, partnership, transparency and close cooperation. The best possible patient care, the team as a key corporate value and you as a doctor and entrepreneur are our focus. We are there for you and take the time to get to know you and your team, structures, and processes. Mutual trust is our basis for jointly developing the best solutions for a successful future.

Arthur Vogt
Fabian Gross
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The three pillars of our success

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Financial Sponsors

RAD-x is owned by three groups of shareholders who have extensive medical, entrepreneurial, and local expertise in setting up, developing, and successfully operating radiology practices and specialist centers. On the one hand, these are the radiologists who have sold their practices or have actively invested in RAD-x and who continue to work in the group. On the other hand, there is the management of the group with many years of entrepreneurial experience in many areas of healthcare and personalised medicine. And finally, the investors who have extensive experience in our core markets and who place great value on sustainable, long-term business development.

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