Preface from our founders

Diagnostic Imaging is playing an increasingly important role in our modern health care systems.

The gradual introduction of high-performance CT-scanners and MRIs over the past decades has allowed major advances in our ability to visualize the structural elements and processes inside our bodies.

These innovative technologies are advancing at such a speed that new forms of healthcare delivery and organisation must be put in place to help improve the quality of patient care.

For this reason and based on our long experience in healthcare delivery in multiple countries, in 2016 we decided to found RAD-x, that is currently among the innovators in the field of diagnostic imaging and related areas. Our objective is to use RAD-x as a platform to improve care and diagnostic imaging services for all patients in the near future.

Martin Hardens
Arthur Vogt

RAD-x is...

… a leading pan-European operator of independent outpatient Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Centers / Companies focusing on the core markets Switzerland, Germany and France.

RAD-x grows through a buy & build strategy by integrating successful imaging / nuclear medicine practices. It’s a successful and sustainable succession solution for selling partners, who want to continue operating their center in the
RAD-x Group on a partnership level.

RAD-x actively supports its doctors in the management, administration and further development of the centers.

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Our operating sites

  • RAD-x
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
Rive Droite centre d’imagerie
Rive Gauche centre d’imagerie

RAD-x is looking for ...

Individual Radiologists

who want to guarantee the long-term sustainability of their practice by joining a larger group in order to ensure a reliable succession and bring their experience in a management position.


Regional Group Practices

who look for a strong common platform to shape the future of radiology through their innovative approaches and ways of working.


Entrepreneurial young radiologists

who want to work in an outpatient setting, having several development opportunities, up to regional management responsibility; and employees who want to realize their full potential in a future model.


Hospitals, referring clinicians and patients

who understand that RAD-x operational model is a valid alternative to traditional practices as it allows quality improvement and cost containment through standardization and economies of scale.

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