February 17. 2017

RAD-x acquires German hospital to continue European expansion


  • As part of a strategic collaboration with AccuMeda, a leading provider of clinical solutions in Germany, RAD-x has acquired ACURA Kliniken Rheinland-Pfalz AG.
  • This transaction will see AccuMeda becoming a strategic investor in RAD-x.

  • February 17. 2017 – RAD-x today announced that it has acquired ACURA Kliniken Rheinland-Pfalz AG (ACURA), located in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, a leading hospital specialised in rheumatological therapy and rehabilitation, from AccuMeda Holding GmbH (AccuMeda). The acquisition is part of a strategic collaboration between RAD-x and AccuMeda, a leader in the fields of acute care and rehabilitation in Germany. AccuMeda will become an investor in RAD-x and will continue managing ACURA for its patients and referring doctors.

    This transaction is part of RAD-x’ entry in the consolidating German diagnostic imaging market, as ACURA will become the statutory holding company of RAD-x’ German operations. RAD-x’ operational model is focused on delivering high quality diagnostic imaging services to patients throughout Europe. RAD-x is in discussion with several other medical imaging and healthcare groups to expand its presence across Europe.

    Martin HARDENS, Co-founder and CEO of RAD-x:

    “After our acquisition last month of IRD, a leading Swiss diagnostic imaging centre, this transaction gives us a stable platform for our entry in the German diagnostic imaging market. I look forward to working with the management team of ACURA and our new partner AccuMeda in delivering better healthcare for our patients.”

    Elmar WILLEBRAND, Founder and CEO of AccuMeda:

    “I am confident that our collaboration with RAD-x will open new growth opportunities for both parties. Having a strong diagnostic imaging partner in Germany enables us to expand the therapeutic and diagnostic services we provide to our patients and collaborating doctors.

    About Rad-x

    RAD-x a pan-European diagnostic imaging platforms at the forefront of the outpatient radiology market consolidation in France, Germany and Switzerland. RAD-x’ management team has many years of experience executing radiology and laboratory Buy & Builds. RAD-x’ imaging centres are managed by independent healthcare professionals, all being partners of the group and using shared services to continuously improve their market leading quality and efficiency. www.rad-x.eu

    About AccuMeda

    AccuMeda Holding is a private German medical group that manages several high-end treatment centres for orthopaedic-, rheumatological- and autoimmune diseases, including geriatric medicine - amongst its centres are a certified endoprosthesis centre including rehabilitation, as well as a highly specialised rheumatological clinic with integrated infusion services. Through its clinics AccuMeda cooperates with the University of Mainz and other academic institutes in the development of innovate medical treatments to improve patient care. By offering medical services that cover the entire treatment pathway, AccuMeda achieves outstanding clinical outcomes for its patients. www.accumeda.com

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